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Gerard is near the entrance to the forecastle, going over papers with his Watch Captain.
Catriona waits at the bottom of the gangplank to be admitted, her dark eyes sweeping the area of the docks with careful measure every once in awhile. For once, the woman is wearing a gown. Simple, but nonetheless noticeable for the lack of them lately. "Permission to come aboard?" she calls out in her contralto.

The Watch Commander looks to the gangplank, then Gerard and the man nods. "Permission granted." The Admiral will meet her near the top of the gangplank, hands clasped behind his back.

Cat climbs the gangplank with the ease of one who has become a sailor over the last few years. Still wary, but with an increasing confidence. She lifts a hand to Gerard. "Your Highness," the greeting is extended as she reaches the top, and translated into a curtsey. It was almost a bow, but then the dress was remembered.

Gerard nods, and begins to stuff the bowl of a pipe. "Catriona. Who should I be thanking for this pleasure?" He sets the stem to the corner of his lips and seeks about his pockets for a match

"From a Prince of Amber, that's almost ominous," Catriona replies as she rises from her curtsey, plaits her slender fingers at the waist. Dark eyes watch Gerard as he packs the pipe. "I heard rumours, Your Highness, and I thought I'd come to you to enquire, rather than believe them blindly."

"Is this about attacking people in the middle of the night, and murdering Feldanes?" Gerard asks, lighting the bowl's content by shielding the fragile flame with a cupped hand. Puff, puff, puff. "What's more questions? Ask."

He seems vaguely annoyed, as if he has been approached before on the matter and finds the accusations not to his taste.

Catriona gives the lightest of shrugs. "I had heard that you attacked a Karm, yes. Not Emma. She is not Karm, and you could toss her in the docks to drown for all I care, but Gilgamesh is Karm. That I plan to replace him as leader of the House makes no difference in that I will protect him as I can from those who seek to do him injury."

"Coming itching for a fight?" Gerard asks, and the Watch Commander steps forward with a frown but is held up by the Prince shaking a finger. "Just looking to make sure."

"Not at all," Catriona replies to Gerard with a quirk of one silvery pale eyebrow. "Looking for the story that goes with the rumour. I am not so hot-headed that I would charge in here to confront you over a mere rumour. Would you tell me your side of the story, Your Highness?"

"Nothing to tell. They've accused me of deeds that I had no part in." Gerard says, "It is not typical of me to get in swordfights in the middle of Amber."

"And your thoughts on the matter? Another possible clone? Or simply a magical blackout?" Cat offers up these suggestions as if they are the norm in her life lately.

"Much less attack my son and daughter in their bedrooms," Gerard puffs from his pipe. "I wouldn't know, truth be told. I have not begun my own investigation. I had thought that it was some manner within the city that did not warrant my bugging."

"If you would like, Your Highness, I could set the Order of Clarity to investigating the matter," Catriona offers simply, hands still plaited together as she listens. Her pale hair is bound back today, but still ragged at the ends.

Cat lifts a second brow. "If -you- place it within my power, then it will be, Your Highness. That is how the Order works. People bring us mysteries, and we explore them, looking for a solution, as part of our job."

"Then progress with my blessing, but know others will undoubtedly will be as well." Gerard says. "I will pass on the message of your protectiveness for Gilgamesh to the Karms. I am sure he will be happy to hear as much."

"He is blood," Catriona replies, with a dip of her head. "That is not something I take lightly. Speaking of blood, I spoke with one of your sister's today. I am just returning from tea with the Princess Florimel."

Gerard seems surprised at the announcement, clasping hands behind his back. "Truly? Did not know ye were talking... anything that ye would care to share or just a matter between the two of ye?"

"She seemed under the impression that I would reclaim Karm with military might," Catriona replies, her voice troubled. "I do not know from where she received that news, but it troubles me."

Gerard arches a brow, "Well, there was the men that were at the Hasp though tis good that it was never truly something that needed to be feared. Was that the most of it?"

Gerard nods, "I did not think ye the type from the start. It is good that it need not ever be something truly feared to come." He motions to the hair, "Also good to see that ye have decided to grow it once more."

Catriona fingers her pale hair possessively and protectively, shuffling just a half-step back. "Yes, well, I've not had time nor occasion to have it hacked once more. There was one other matter the Princess believed. She claimed that my title has been stripped from me. I have not heard this via any Karm channels, nor have I seen proof. Do you know about this?"

"By contract and blessing from Gilgamesh, indentured to my service for the purpose of rehabilitation." Gerard says, "I am surprised ye forget, but I suppose it perhaps not come up prior to this."

"That much I remember," Catriona replies, cocking her head. "But, you released me."

"So I did," Gerard says, "Have you decided to speak with Gilgamesh in the weeks since? By released, of course, you mean demanded. Which if I may be so bold, is far from the same thing."

"You did not have to agree to it, Your Highness," Catriona says, her voice low. "Yet, you did. And since I have not been made aware of this until now, do you think it likely that I would have sought Gilgamesh to speak with?"

"I keep no slaves." Gerard says, "If ye wish for me to speak with him on the subject then I will. Tempers have soothed in the meantime, and I suspect it will be forgiven."

"What has he to forgive?" Catriona replies.

Gerard shrugs, "Or will relent on his former ruling."

"As I have been discouraged from speaking to him, I would appreciate your help in this matter, Your Highness," Catriona responds, with a low dip of her head. "Were it otherwise, I would not presume."
"We'll consider it payment for taking a personal interest in clearing my name." Gerard says. "I am sure that I will be able to convince him to the wisdom of keeping ye within the family."

"Though ye should probably stop endlessly, and publically, angling for his title." Gerard says.
Gerard shrugs, "That, of course, is ultimately your choice."

"I appreciate your aid, Your Highness, and I wish that I could heed your advice without Karm suffering for it," Catriona says, which is of course, tantamount to a 'no', but at least politely worded. "But I will do all in my power, in the Order's power, to clear your name."

"I will be here should ye wish a haircut," Gerard says, "Or decide ye did want that fight. Or just a drink." He offers Catriona a lazy salute, "Fair tides."

Catriona dips a curtsey that was again almost a bow. "Perhaps when I am not gowned, Your Highness," she says with a smile. "Fair winds, Sir."
Gerard chooses to not mention that if he had been murdering and attacking people at random that visiting with a dress would have been a tactical slip. No need really.

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